Eine junge Frau lehnt an einer Straßenbahnhaltestelle. Sie schaut dabei auf ihr Handy. Im Hintergrund ist eine Straßennbahn.

We’re driving the future of Berlin.

As the capital grows, so do the requirements for the future of urban life. Berlin is on the road to becoming a smart city – intelligently networked, climate-adapted, and safe. And we’re going down this route, too. But there’s more: we want to bring the vision of a smart city to the streets: with sustainable and post-fossil forms of mobility.

Eine Jelbi-StationZwei Personen, die auf E-Scootern fahren.


Many roads lead to home.

Jelbi is the Swiss Army Knife of mobility apps. One stop for all: bus, train, scooter, bicycle, car, taxi. The BVG is bringing together all of the city’s ways of getting around in the new Jelbi mobility platform. From journey planning to bookings and payments, everything is done in the app. It’s all you need, in fact, to stay mobile in Berlin. More Informationen here:
Autonomous vehicles

Autonomous vehicles

The vision of autonomous vehicles has long been reality at the BVG. As part of its ‘STIMULATE’ pilot project starting in 2018, the BVG for the first time deployed driverless vehicles (with on-board attendants) on two campus grounds of the Charité hospital in Berlin. Just one year later, we went a step further and ventured out onto the city’s actual streets: from August 2019 to January 2020, a driverless minibus shuttled between the final stop of the U6 underground line and the lakeside promenade of the Tegeler See on the ‘See-Meile’ route. This project was the first time that the use of a highly automated vehicle was tested on a public street in Berlin. Following consistently positive feedback, the area was again served by a total of three highly automated minibuses in a follow-up project from June 2021 to June 2022. In addition, a new line was established, which also served Tegel S-Bahn station. More information at Our current project started in January 2022 and will run up to the end of June 2024. In another first, it involves planning the deployment and monitoring of fully automated driverless vehicle operations from a control centre. The study is being conducted at Urban Tech Republic on the site of the former Tegel airport. More information: AI-System for connected mobility | Digital Test Field Urban Traffic Berlin (
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