• Drei Personen befinden sich in einem U-Bahnhof und schauen gemeinsam auf ein iPad. Im Hintergrund fährt eine U-Bahn aus dem Bild.

    We have a high opinion of your opinion.

Ein iPad, auf dem man die Webseite von Jelbi sehen kann.

Customer Council

You know us, and you know our strengths and weaknesses. You know what works and what doesn’t. Maybe even better than we do. We want to benefit from our passengers’ experiences. To do so, we created the Customer Council back in 2013. The 30-member body is elected once every three years and aims to reflect the full spectrum of BVG customers: from occasional users to frequent travellers, from teenagers to senior citizens. The Customer Council meets four times a year. The members present their requests and suggestions at these meetings, and discuss and assess our projects, campaigns, and other activities. The Customer Council was most recently constituted, from over 2,000 applications, in March 2018. In the future, too, we want to continue giving our passengers a chance to have their views heard. Members are also given frequent opportunities to take a look behind the scenes at the company – for example by visiting a deport or trying out the driving simulator. The next application round to join the Council will be held in the first quarter of 2021.
  • Good advice from real experts


    BVG customers make up the committee.

  • Regular update


    The Council is constituted once every three years.

  • In hot demand


    applications were sent in last time.