Media downloads

All our publications, such as our annual report or company figures, can be downloaded here as PDFs free of charge.

Audio branding

The new voice and all other sonic elements such as the audio logo and various gong sounds are creating a new, consistent acoustic brand identity: the BVG audio brand.

Annual report

At the end of each financial year, the annual report provides information on the current economic situation of our company.

Company facts and figures

At the BVG, 15,830 employees make sure to keep Berlin in motion day and night. With 9 subway lines, 22 streetcar lines and more than 154 bus lines. There are even more numbers in our company facts and figures.

Plan for the advancement of women in accordance with §5 of the State Equal Opportunities Act (LGG). Instrument for promoting gender equality and reducing existing under-representation. The personnel, organisational and training measures contained in the plan are based on a regular analysis of the employee structure.

Programme to promote the advancement of women

Promoting female BVG employees, attracting more women to the BVG, ensuring equal opportunities for all genders – this is our goal and something we’ve been working towards very successfully in the last few years. Increasing the number of women throughout the BVG is not just a question of fairness; it’s crucial to our success as a company. That’s why we’re particularly interested in recruiting women. With considerable success, as since the last programme to promote the advancement of women in 2010, the percentage of women who work with us has risen from 17.4 to 20.1 percent (as of 31/12/2018). By 2022, we want to increase this figure to at least 27 percent.