Ein Plakat der BVG mit dem Slogan

Seen and be seen, as it were.

We work in partnership with Berliner Fenster, Die Draussenwerber, and WallDecaux to sell advertising space in underground stations, on trains and buses, and at stops.

Monitore des Berliner Fenster in der U-Bahn

Berliner Fenster

The Berliner Fenster is a passenger TV channel on Berlin’s underground trains operated by Berliner Fenster GmbH. It broadcasts daily from 4 am to midnight, and all day from Friday to Sunday. Assuming an average journey time of around 11 minutes, the 15-minute programme includes news, culture, information, and advertising. In addition to Berlin, passenger TV is also available in other cities, including Hamburg, Hannover, Leipzig, Potsdam, and Munich. Other cities are due to follow. More information on our partner’s website
Eine Bushaltestelle in der zwei Jelbi-Plakate hängen. Links sieht man eine junge Frau auf einem Roller und rechts eine junge Frau auf einem Fahrrad. Im Hintergrund Fahrzeuge der BVG. man einen


Outdoor advertising company WallDecaux is an important partner for advertising on and inside buses, trams, and underground trains. Advertising is generally large-format and presented throughout Berlin or focussed on one area of the city. With vehicles everywhere on the road, it’s difficult to miss. Advertising on buses, trams, and underground trains is therefore an ideal way to reach local audiences throughout the city. Advertising spaces inside vehicles also feature touchpoints and useful ways to successfully expand campaigns on public transport. More information on our partner’s website
Plakat der Draussenwerber mit den Titel Draußen gewinnen, Drinnen jewinnen.


DIE DRAUSSENWERBER GmbH offers all stores, companies, event organisers, and outdoor advertisers the opportunity to present their adverts in an eye-catching way on the streets of Berlin and in underground stations. As an affordable method of reaching large numbers of people, outdoor advertising is an excellent way for advertisers to interact with audiences in the capital. As the population and passenger numbers grow, it’s an essential part of a balanced media mix. DIE DRAUSSENWERBER offers a wide range of advertising opportunities at over 50,000 points in underground stations, bus and tram stops, on advertising columns, on street lamps, and in public spaces. More information on our partner’s website
Ein Kiosk in einem Bahnhof. Es stehen drei Personen an um etwas zu kaufen.Ein Kiosk in einem Bahnhof. Es stehen drei Personen an um etwas zu kaufen.


The first section of Berlin’s underground, between Stralauer Tor and Potsdamer Platz, opened back in 1902. At the same time, a pastry store, a cigarette shop, and a restaurant opened at Schlesisches Tor station. These first stores were not just pioneers of a new, innovative way to shop but also marked the beginning of a success story that continues to the present day. With over 100 years of experience, URBANIS continues to build on this success. A BVG subsidiary, it develops, lets, and manages shops and kiosks in Berlin’s 170 underground stations and public streets. These retail units impact positively on the appearance of the city. More information on our partner’s website