Ein junges Pärchen sitzt auf einer Picknickdecke im Wald auf einer Wiese. Im Hintergrund steht ein E-Bus.

Heartily yellow, but green at heart.

We want our passengers to know they’re doing the right thing by riding with us, now and in the future, so we’ve been working hard for many years to make the right changes – electromobility, 100% green power, zero-emission vehicles, and sustainability across the board. We’re moving people – responsibly, safely, and eco-consciously.

Ein E-Bus von der Seite

Environmental protection

In addition to more frequent services, larger vehicles, new ways of getting around, and the ongoing expansion of the network all mean that more and more people in Berlin are leaving their cars at home. Thanks to growing ecomobility options, we’re helping to save 600,000 tons of CO₂ emissions every year. Part of this is down to the fact that we have been using only electricity from renewable sources since 2014. With 100% green power, the transition to e-mobility, and increasing energy efficiency, we’re now going further while cutting CO₂ emissions by 65% compared to 2013. Our major goal is to offer fully zero-emission public transport by 2030. We have codified our strategic objective to ensure lastingly environmentally-friendly public transport and assume responsibility for green urban development and climate protection in eight environmental guidelines. In 2018, our sustainable corporate policy was recognised with a CSR Label for the third time in succession.