Know the rules. Stick to the rules. Report wrongdoing.


Know the rules. As a statutory public body and one of Europe’s biggest public transport companies, the BVG is responsible for providing important services to the general public. We understand compliance to mean the observance of all relevant laws, regulations, internal guidelines, contractual obligations, and voluntary commitments. Stick to the rules. We see compliance, however, as more than just a question of observing the law, and are also guided by the ethical principles of our corporate culture. In this regard, the BVG operates a compliance management system to help promote integrity and both identify and prevent instances of non-compliance. Preventing and controlling corruption is a key element of the BVG’s compliance management system. The person to contact for all questions relating to the prevention and controlling of corruption works within the remit of the BVG’s compliance officer. Report wrongdoing. Any information we receive about potential instances of compliance breaches or corruption helps us to maintain our high industry standards of doing business and keep our customers, our partners, and our business safe. This, in particular, also applies to complaints related to human rights or the environment as an essential component of our due diligence obligations under the Supply Chain Due Diligence Act (LkSG). Our whistleblower system can be used to report suspected compliance breaches or corruption and complaints relating to risks or violations in the observance of human rights and environmental protection in complete confidentiality – and anonymously at the request of the whistleblower – in the following ways: BVG-Supply-Chain-Due-Dilligence-Act   Compliance officer or contact for corruption prevention and control Suspected instances of compliance breaches or corruption can be reported to the compliance officer or the contact for preventing and controlling corruption at the BVG, Dr Thorsten Schaube. Dr. Thorsten Schaube Phone: 030 256 29961 Compliance mailbox Relevant information can also be sent to the compliance mailbox at Ombudsperson The BVG has also appointed an independent solicitor, Dr. Edgar Joussen, as its ombudsman. The ombudsman receives information about compliance breaches or corruption in confidence and, at the request of the whistleblower, forwards it in anonymous form to the compliance officer or the BVG contact for corruption prevention. Dr. Edgar Joussen Phone: 030 315 18 70 (Mondays to Fridays from 9 am to 6 pm); answering machine available around the clock. The ombudsman should not be contacted for the purpose of reporting incidents or complaints relating to services on the underground, on trams, or on buses. For such communications, use the BVG contact form.