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From the school desk to the driving seat.

Our services: Services offered by the Omnibus Traffic Academy include the qualified training of drivers, vocational training for professional drivers, and professional development events.

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Road safety education

  • Driving school for driving licence categories D, C, CE
  • Certified training provider for basic qualifications and professional development in accordance with the Professional Driver Qualification Law
  • Road safety education
Aufsichtsbehörde für die Fahrschulen im Land Berlin Landesamt für Bürger- und Ordnungsangelegenheiten Referat Fahrerlaubnisse, Personen- und Güterbeförderung Puttkamer Straße 16-18 10958 Berlin


Berliner Verkehrsbetriebe (BVG) Verkehrsakademie Omnibus Müllerstraße 79 13349 Berlin Journey information to Müllerstraße 79 U6 Afrikanische Straße Head of the Traffic Academy Katrin Kern
Eine Notrufsäule

Emergency training centre.

In case of emergency. The BVG operates an emergency training centre, the only one of its kind in the world, in an area of Jungfernheide underground station. In a 350-metre section of tunnel with a platform, responses to all kinds of emergencies, including smoke in the tunnel, can be practised. To help practise correct conduct in the event of an emergency, an information and emergency call point is also available on the platform. Training is primarily offered to security staff involved in rescue operations at underground stations, in particular the fire brigade, the police, the Technisches Hilfswerk (civil protection), the Federal Border Guard, and other civil protection organisations. Participants can choose either a one-day or three-day seminar.

Road safety education

Stay street smart. Public transport is an essential part of everyday life. It gives everyone the chance to get around. The BVG’s road safety education initiatives aim to introduce five to ten-year-olds at Berlin’s schools to using buses and trains safely on their own. Teachers at Berlin schools were particularly interested in child-friendly practical training with real buses and trains. The BVG responded with free mobility and road safety education programmes, which go by the name PRAXISTAG (“practice day”). The Traffic Academy offers the following events on working days: • BUS PRACTICE DAY • UNDERGROUND PRACTICE DAY • TRAM PRACTICE DAY
The aims of these practice days:
  • instil a clear understanding of how to use public transport safely
  • learn how to recognise, name, and avoid dangerous situations in good time
  • see drivers and other staff as helpful partners to encourage mutual understanding
  • reduce inhibitions by acquiring expertise
  • recognise conflict situations and respond appropriately
In addition, there are regular theme weeks on the subject of “blind spots on the road” or similar events in Berlin. The BVG’s road safety education initiative is part of the Omnibus Traffic Academy and is now a fully established part of road safety education at Berlin’s schools. It is both welcomed and appreciated by the Berlin Parents Association and the relevant Senate departments. Target audience
BUS practice day Children aged five and six at daycare centres who are at approximately the same level of development. Primary school children in their first year or children who begin their schooling in mixed groups of different ages. TRAM practice day Primary school children in their second or third years or children who begin their schooling in mixed groups of different ages. UNDERGROUND practice day Primary school children in their second or third years or children who begin their schooling in mixed groups of different ages. Duration: 90 minutes Price: Free (Travel expenses are not reimbursed. Please use school class ticket.) Dates: Due to high demand, there may be a long wait. Please plan well in advance and make sure you sign up in good time. More information can be obtained by calling the number below.


SIGN-UP AND INFORMATION Traffic Academy, road safety education Telephone: (030) 256 25560 Mon-Fri: 7 am to 2 pm