The Berliner Verkehrsbetriebe (BVG), Germany’s biggest public transport company, is responding to the challenges of future urban travel with innovative strategies and cutting-edge technology.

With a heart and a hashtag –
because we love you.

  • YouTube Video sing bags
  • We just can’t keep still.


    employees from 55 countries in over 240 professions keep Berlin moving.

  • The mobile flat rate for Berlin.


    ticket subscribers travel with us cheaply and conveniently, as often as they want.

  • Enough to whet your app-etite!


    users rely on the Fahrinfo-Plus app to get them where they’re going.


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Fotograf fotografiert eine U-Bahn im U-Bahnhof

Filming, photography, busking

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A construction manager and an engineer look at construction plans.

New Lines

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Career at BVG

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