Conditions of carriage

Carriage of children, luggage, disabled passengers and accompanying persons, bicycles and animals, and conditions of carriage

Find out here about the carriage of children, luggage, disabled passengers and their accompanying persons, bicycles and animals, and about the conditions of carriage within the VBB fare zones.

carriage of children

Children under six years of age can generally travel free of charge if accompanied. A maximum of three children may be taken on ferries. Children under four years of age may only use public transport if they are accompanied by a person who is at least six years of age.

carriage of buggies and luggage

You may bring luggage and one buggy with you free of charge.

disabled passengers and accompanying persons

Disabled passengers who are entitled to free carriage by law (German Social Code Volume Nine Art. 145 Para. 1) may use our transport services without charge. Persons accompanying disabled passengers also travel free of charge if the disabled person’s pass indicates the need for them to be constantly accompanied. This provision is independent of the pass holder’s place of residence. 

carriage of bicycles

Passengers may travel with a bicycle if they purchase a bicycle fare ticket. Holders of school student tickets, family tickets, tickets for trainees and university tickets do not need to purchase a ticket for their bicycles.

Bicycles can be taken on S-Bahn and underground trains, on local railways and on trams in carriages marked with a bicycle symbol if there is sufficient space for them (staff will decide in case of doubt). One bicycle may also be taken on night buses N1 to N9 on nights without underground services, i.e. the nights from Sunday/Monday to Thursday/Friday. If there is limited space available, wheelchair users and buggies have priority. There is no automatic entitlement to travel with a bicycle. Please place your bicycle in the specially designated areas, as this makes it easier for you to board and alight. More information on this subject can be found in our ‘travelling with bicycles’ flyer.

Mit dem Fahrrad unterwegs (in German)

travelling with pets

You can bring small dogs and other inoffensive animals which can be transported in a suitable container with you free of charge. Small dogs without a transport container and large dogs must always be kept under control on a lead and wear an appropriate muzzle. Persons travelling with animals on a single ticket require an additional reduced-fare ticket for their dogs. Owners of day tickets, season tickets or those passengers in possession of a disabled person’s pass with entitlement to travel may take one dog with them free of charge. A reduced-fare ticket is required for every additional dog.

Assistance dogs accompanying blind passengers are entitled to carriage and can generally be taken along free of charge.

All animals which travel must be prevented from endangering the safety of our operations and be kept under control at all times. In case of doubt, our staff will decide whether to allow or refuse travel to an animal. Animals must not be allowed on seats.

The conditions of carriage set out the rules governing the relationship between the transport company and passengers. On entering the facilities or a vehicle of the transport company, passengers accept the conditions of carriage and fare terms and conditions as integral parts of the contract of carriage.