Getting the message across

Following an extensive audio branding process, the BVG has for the first time developed a standardised acoustic brand identity. The new voice and all the other sonic elements together form a new, consistent approach to acoustic communication at Germany’s biggest public transport company.

A yellow microphone


That’s what I like to hear

What a jumble of sounds! In the past, the BVG used a range of different voices and sounds in its vehicles and stations. The result was an audio mishmash with little recall value. We couldn’t stand the sound of it any longer, and now we don’t have to, as the BVG has given itself a new audio identity. All of Berlin acted as the choir. Countless voices were recorded and combined with an instrument that very closely resembles the human voice: the bass clarinet. The finished product is a consistent audio concept, a new audible identity. And at its centre is a woman who bowled us over with her personality and delivery: step forward Philippa, the new voice of the BVG. Spending over 100 hours in the studio, she recorded some 4,200 audio files for all stops, stations, and other announcements. We’ve already started bringing her voice to our passengers. The new announcements can be heard on the buses since December 2020. From May 19, 2021 Philippa will be heard in all trams and later also in our subways. All sounds – from the gong that precedes an announcement to the beeps as the doors close and even the on-hold music on the telephone – are currently being updated and standardised. The new audio branding is being rolled out in vehicles, stations, and at all other BVG touchpoints, and will soon be heard by over three million passengers every day. BVG? Sounds good. Audio branding download